Shenyang Tiexi Department Store Co., LTD

Shenyang Tiexi Department Store Co., LTD., founded in 1952, is the first large-scale state-owned department store built in Tiexi Industrial Zone after the liberation of Shenyang. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenyang Commercial City Co., LTD., a famous listed company in China。


Shenyang Tiexi Department Store Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenyang Commercial City Co., LTD., was founded in 1952 and completed and put into use on February 8, 1953。Tiexi Department Store, formerly known as Tiexi Department Store (referred to as Tiexi), is the first large department store built in Tiexi Industrial Zone after the liberation of Shenyang. The store business building was designed by the Trade Department of the Northeast People's Government at that time and was constructed by a construction engineering company。Construction area of 5,600 square meters, investment 960,000 yuan。With the economic development and the improvement of living standards, Tiebai's merchandise sales continue to expand。In 1987, the store achieved total sales of 8,826.80,000 yuan, an increase of 9.12 million yuan over the total sales in 1953.7 times, as of 1987, 34 years of business to pay a cumulative profit and tax 5,421.80,000 yuan is equivalent to earning back 56 half Tiebai buildings for Tiebai。

Since the opening of Tiexi Department Store in 1953, Tiexi has been committed to serving Tiexi enterprises and Tiexi residents。For more than 60 years, she witnessed and participated in every change of Tiexi District, and also witnessed and accompanied the people of Tiexi to a better life one after another。From the early 1950s to the end of the 1970s, with the needs of Tiexi enterprises and residents' economic life, a number of commercial enterprises and professional markets were opened by enterprises and institutions in the district。Among them, the area from the sixth road to the ninth road is the main economic activity place of Tiexi District, and Tiexi Department Store is a well-deserved star enterprise。

Tiebai is a regional store, the main service object is the factory and mining enterprises in Tiexi District, the majority of residents, residents in the suburbs, more fixed customers, more repeat customers。From 1953 to 1979, the business varieties were mainly daily life products, Since 1978, the store has adopted the "no one I have, with a strange recruit;People have me good, quality first;People are good, I am more, more quantity;Many people, I early, grasp the opportunity "business policy, to counter retail, to carry out factory, rural, market, set up sales and other business activities to expand sales。

Tiebai always adhere to the purpose of serving the people, and constantly improve the ideological understanding and professional quality of employees, in different periods, combined with the situation at the time, to carry out ideological education, labor competition, establish a sound system, and gradually realize the standardization of service work。Over the past 65 years, she has recorded the hardships and brilliant achievements of the Republic from backwardness to prosperity.Over the past 65 years, she has witnessed the perseverance and responsibility of Liaoning as the eldest son of the Republic.

In the past 65 years, she has witnessed and felt every life change and true feelings of the Tiexi people;

In 65 years, she has used 2.The area of 50,000 square meters creates 1 billion annual sales,It has created the most "flat effect" in the industry;For 65 years,She used her strong arms,Raised generation after generation of iron-clad children;Tiexi department store is just like the mission and name given to her by The Times,We will always strive for the better life of Tiexi people and Tiebai employees,Always adhere to the "integrity as iron,The people are like relatives "business philosophy,Adhering to the concept of "interaction between neighbors, friendship service, home-like care" to serve every customer,Let Tiebai rest assured that the eternal imprint of corporate spirit in the minds of consumers,Let "iron buy gold. Lifelong rest assured, iron hundred jewelry everyone said good, iron hundred appliances everyone praise "advertising terminology has been sung。   

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